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Healthy Eating at PCP

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

PCP is grateful for the ongoing collaboration we have with students from McGill University's School of Nursing. Not only do these volunteers regularly help kids in PCP's Motiv-Action program during each autumn and spring session, but they also work together on a fun and educational project. This session's theme was about healthy eating.

The McGill Nursing students created a beautiful poster for students in the Motiv-Action program to promote healthy eating. They did so by explaining the different food categories to the children and diving into why our body needs these essential nutrients. This helped the students understand the importance of including foods from ALL categories, such as carbohydrate and protein-based foods. They also did a lunch box activity in which children had the opportunity to learn how to make a healthy, balanced meal. A lunch box was presented and so were pictures of different foods, such as rice and cake. Students had a chance to build different meals and see what a well-balanced lunch box looks like.

The McGill students also made a take-home pamphlet for parents to refer to, which included the same information as the poster. As a fun addition, the pamphlet had a little bingo section for the children to keep track which fruits and veggies they had throughout the week. Click on the PDF below to view the pamphlet.

Thanks again to all the student volunteers from the McGill University School of Nursing for their time and efforts to help kids be more aware and responsible about their food choices.

Download PDF • 2.92MB

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