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Thanks to Niro & Impro Montréal for the Fundraiser!

On December 10 & 11, Niro Jeyachandran of Impro Montréal hosted two nights of sold-out improvisational comedic fun at the Impro Montréal club, 3716 rue Notre-Dame Ouest - in which proceeds from entry and bar sales went to directly benefit Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds (PCP)! Approximately $1,700 was raised over the two evenings, and these funds will go towards new PCP Improv and Art programs in 2022.

PCP Board Vice-President Frank Baylis, Director of Programs Sarah Beydoun, and PCP Executive Director Michael Leclair were on hand to show their support and appreciation. Thanks again to Niro for this terrific fundraiser and unwavering support of PCP!!!!

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