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Welcome to the Team / Bienvenue à l'équipe

PCP is extremely pleased to announce two appointments to our team:

Jowairiyah Zafar is PCP's new Motiv-Action Coordinator. She recently completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from McGill University, and has always enjoyed working with children and helping them foster new skills. Jowairiyah assisted with PCP's Art Program over the summer and had an opportunity to meet many of our members. She is passionate about mental health, mindfulness, and indulging in anything sweet...!!!

Salma Ahmed joins the PCP team as Program Assistant for the Motiv-Action program. She loves working with kids, helping each child gain self-confidence and develop their unique strengths. Previously, Salma taught violence prevention workshops for girls, and is the proud auntie of six nieces and nephews. Salma enjoys anything to do with food and martial arts.

Please join us in extending a warm PCP welcome to Jowairiyah and Salma!

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