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PCP is an organization that strives to ensure that its programs meet community needs and priorities. Consistent with our mission, we offer a number of affordable and stimulating programs for our members.

Our programs are carefully designed to:

  • Build bridges of awareness and understanding

  • Develop friendships and reduce loneliness

  • Foster greater community spirit

  • Encourage greater confidence, resilience and autonomy


PCP's unique programs also promote positive mental health among vulnerable children, students and families. Now, more than ever, our efforts will continue to grow in this critical area through service expansion into more schools and community organizations, as well as via online workshops and training programs.

Check out our specific programs below or please contact us for more information.


Program Calendar

  • Preschool Program
    For kids aged 3 – 5, this highly-regarded, individually personalized program helps prepare kids for the transition to kindergarten. We focus on cognitive, social, emotional, organizational, and linguistic skills. For more information:
  • Halte-Garderie/Daycare
    For kids aged 3 – 5, we provide a fun and stimulating daycare service from 12:30 – 5:30 PM every weekday to help working parents. As well, we provide a daycare service during our Tots & Talks program. For more information:
  • Motiv-Action Program
    For primary school students aged 6 – 12, this after-school, homework-help & tutoring program not only helps improve academic results, but also addresses and helps improve social and linguistic skills, as well as overall health and mental well-being. For more information:
  • Youth Mental Health Promotion Programs
    We provide in-school, group-based support services to openly address topics and issues associated with mental health, establish peer-based conflict resolution approaches as well as teach coping skills as part of an anti-bullying and positive mental-health curricuulum. For more information:
  • Tots & Talks Program
    For single and/or isolated mothers, this bi-weekly group meeting offers moms the opportunity to gather in a welcoming, safe, and open environment to discuss issues of concern and importance, make new friends, and learn new skills. For more information:
  • Visiting Mothers Program
    For single and/or isolated young mothers, we provide a support worker to visit new mothers and their infants at home on a weekly basis to provide help, guidance and respite. For more information:
  • Perinatal Program
    For vulnerable and/or single mothers-to-be, we offer a support worker for weekly home visits to provide help, guidance and key information during pregnancy and immediately afterwards. For more information:
  • Summer Camp Program
    For kids aged 6 – 12, PCP offers a 6-week summer day camp during July and August with weekly themes, plenty of outdoor activities, and special outings. For more information:
  • Arts Club
    For kids aged 6 – 12, we offer seasonal art programs to help unleash artistic expression and improve self-esteem in a fun and engaging environment. For more information:
  • Improv
    For kids aged 8 – 12, we offer a unique and fun opportunity to learn about, and sharpen improvisational skills, and in turn, encourage kids to be more self-aware and confident in expressing themselves in group settings. For more information:
  • Tech Coding Program
    In partnership with highly renowned KIDCoders, PCP offers 12-week tech coding workshops for kids aged 8 – 15. The only partnership of its kind in the West Island, this unique program introduces kids to a popular and exciting path that sparks the imagination, ignites interest in learning and technology, hones presentation skills, and provides participants with a huge sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. For more information:
  • March Break
    For kids aged 3 – 12, we offer a variety of fun activities including games, movies, and special guests during the week of March Break. For more information:
  • Special Events
    Members of the PCP community benefit from fun outings such as apple-picking trips, movie nights, dances, workshops, and other special events throughout the year. For more information:
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