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Merci à nos généreux partenaires de fêtes / Thanks to our generous holiday partners!

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui sont venus le 17 décembre pour profiter du Holiday Drive-Thru. Les lumières festives, la musique des Fêtes, le Père Noël et ses assistant(e)s, ainsi que tous les participants ont contribué à faire de l'événement un occaision inoubiable!

An appreciative thank you to everyone who came out on December 17th to enjoy PCP's outdoor Holiday Drive-Thru. The festive lights, holiday music, Santa plus his helpers, along with all the attendees, helped make this special event a memorable one!

Through their generosity and time, key PCP supporters and community partners came together to help contribute to the success of 2021's PCP Holiday Drive-Thru. Deep gratitude and special thanks go out to the following organizations:

Pfizer Canada - for donating over 110 individually wrapped gifts for our current program participants and their family members. Thank you Tanya and all the tireless volunteers!

Rolls Royce Canada - for your valuable time, work, and good cheer at the PCP holiday event! Hearty thanks to Dwight Faithful, Erika Faithful, Ethan Faithful, Kelly Mockler, Giovanni Nucciarone, Jane O’Brien, Donald Doucet, David White, and Vincent White!

Montreal Gazette Christmas Fund - for providing a number of holiday cheques to PCP families in need. Thank you Elizabeth!

Krispy Kreme Greenfield Park - for generously providing dozens of yummy doughnut treats for the holiday event. Thank you Gail!

Tim Horton's Boul. Des Sources - for donating Timbits and plenty of coffee and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. Thank you William and Jesse!

Partage-Action - for donating festive Christmas stockings to our pre-school kids. Thank you Danielle!

Fonds d'aide de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (FDOI) - for donating a number of gifts and books that benefit the kids in various PCP programs. Thank you Michael and Moussa!

On behalf of the entire PCP community, a big thank you to everyone!

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