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PCP Alumni Return!

This year, we welcomed back three alumni of PCP programs who are now in positions of helping young kids who take part in current PCP programs - a testament to the reputation and close-knit community that PCP so values.

“We were all once a part of various PCP programs. As the years went by, we found ourselves returning to the PCP community to be a part of the Motiv-Action program, ready to help the community….”

From right to left:

“I thought coming to PCP as a student (from 2009-2012) was the best experience of my life until I joined the team and became the Motiv-Action Program Coordinator. I am delighted to be a part of the team and to make a difference” -Mahnoor 

“Since 2016, I have watched my mother be a part of PCP programs. I have always had a strong sense of community and now working for the Motiv-Action program, I am proud to continue being a part of the PCP community” - Kimberly

“Coming back to PCP to be a part of Motiv-Action after 8 years, it’s a great feeling to be at the position I once used to look at and take inspiration from as a student” -Karunya 

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