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Thanks to McGill University School of Nursing!

Once again, PCP's Motiv-Action Program welcomed Nursing students from McGill University to collaboratively work on and create a project benefitting both groups of students. Due to the pandemic, all encounters between the McGill and PCP students were done via videoconference every Tuesday. After various discussions, the students decided that their project would revolve around the Coronavirus. During a period of 11 weeks, weekly meetings were held to discuss the impact on students' everyday life, their backgrounds, and their perceptions due to the changes caused by COVID-19. Over this time, a dynamic, interactive project was created.

On Tuesday, November 24th, the McGill Nursing students unveiled their final presentation to the PCP Motiv-Action students, coordinators and volunteers. The Motiv-Action students absolutely loved it and to top it off, the McGill Nursing students made surprise gift bags for the PCP participants which comprised: a reusable fabric mask, a keychain outlining “keys on how to stay safe during COVID”, a Christmas glowstick, a candy cane, and a granola bar. The Motiv-Action students learned a great deal, loved the presentation, and really appreciated the seminar as well as their gifts.

Overall, it was a fantastic success and a memorable experience for everyone at PCP - as best expressed by one of the McGill University Nursing participants:

"As a group, we wanted to thank you for your support and collaboration throughout the semester. We really enjoyed working with you and the kids and we hope our project was as meaningful to them as it was for us. It would not have been possible without you...and the work you guys are doing for these families and children, especially in such a difficult time, is truly inspiring."

You can view the link to the McGill Nursing final presentation here.

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