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Books Come Alive!

Reading brings joy and enrichment to so many people, yet some kids see reading as a laborious chore - especially given the growing expectation of immediate gratification and the reality of short attention spans. Moreover, for children who have felt isolated, disconnected and anxious throughout the pandemic, reading can provide a needed and valuable escape into new worlds - stimulating the imagination, enhancing critical thinking skills, and boosting overall self-confidence.

It's no secret that the joy of reading is linked to academic and professional success, as well as to overall health. According to recent studies by the U.S. Library of Medicine, individuals with low literacy rates are three times more likely to experience negative health outcomes.

Frontier College President and CEO, Stephen Faul, along with other literacy experts discuss the importance of getting kids reading -- during the pandemic and every day. Read the full Globe and Mail article online here.

Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds (PCP) is a strong advocate of initiatives that stimulate the desire to read and write. We are proud and excited to support a valuable program called Books Come Alive! offered by Frontier College. The program is targeted to parents, grandparents, and guardians who wish to improve their ability to engage kids from 1 - 11 years old through books, and ultimately foster a deeper love and appreciation of reading.

THIS IS A PAID TRAINING PROGRAM, so get paid to improve your reading & story sharing abilities!

No experience is necessary. The only requirements are a desire to learn, the obligation to attend some training sessions, and the ability to function in English. You will also get to connect with a facilitator to support you throughout this learning journey.

Those interested in participating should contact Nora Amar, Community Coordinator at:

Founded in 1899, Frontier College is a national charitable literacy organization, offering programs for children, youth, and adults in Canada.

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