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Digital Dungeoneers raise over $2700 for PCP!

On Thursday, April 21st at 11h00 Montreal time, a determined group of individuals based in the U.K. kicked off a 24 hour online video game fundraising marathon with PCP as the designated recipient charity. Their initial fundraising objective was $500.

By Friday, April 22nd, after playing video games on for 24 straight hours, the group had more than quintupled their original target - raising just over $2700 !!!

All of these funds will be directed towards helping vulnerable families and kids across Montreal's West Island - specifically towards programs such as PCP Summer Camp - a program that offers a memorable camp experience to kids, and which would otherwise be a financial challenge for vulnerable families.

A huge thank-you goes out to the dedicated Dungeoneers - Tristan Cresswell, Hayley Leclair, Joseph Redman, and Aileen O'Reilly for organizing the event - and for their tremendous efforts and selfless desire to use their time to make a difference. And an equally huge thank-you goes out to the various donors who supported this unique live-stream fundraiser, and through their generosity, ensured that it was a resounding success! PCP and the families we help are truly appreciative!!!

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