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Le Père Noël visite préscolaire / Santa Visits Pre-School!

On December 16th, Santa took time from his busy schedule and made a surprise visit to PCP's Pre-School program. Judging by Santa's enthusiasm and all the kids' excited faces, the get-together was a success!!!

A big thank you to Tamara Akirov and her team of wonderful volunteers who, each year, willingly ensure that Santa has gifts for all the PCP pre-school and after-school (Motiv-Action) kids. This year, that represented over 50 individually wrapped gifts!!!

Deep appreciation and gratitude go out to the following generous individuals who devote their precious time to put smiles on the faces of PCP kids every year:

Tamara Akirov

Dimas Rosales

Lucas Ciampini

Gabriel Albrecht

Eric Arseneault

Meenakshi Gowrishanker

George Akirov

Julie Mancini

Jorge Luis de Dios

Dawn Robinson

Miriam Grosz

Valerie Sinel

Roxana Hernandez

Thank you all for continuing to demonstrate your selfless holiday spirit!!! Please check out the Special Holiday Video put together by the PCP staff to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Simply click on the highlighted text above!

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