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Nourish to Flourish: PCP Motiv-Action & McGill University

PCP is proud to share with you the fantastic work being done by the Motiv-Action team this semester. Not only is the Motiv-Action program at full capacity with 40 students (plus others on the waiting list) - but the kids are benefitting from focused tutoring support from a combination of PCP staff, and volunteers from John Abbott College and McGill University. In addition, students from West Island College will be volunteering beginning in early 2022.

What is especially positive is the mental health/well-being component that PCP has introduced into the program this year. Not only has our new Motiv-Action Coordinator, Jowairiyah Zafar, made great efforts to address various aspects of well-being impacting this age group during the latter part of every Motiv-Action program session, but the volunteer students from the McGill School of Nursing - together with the participants - created the following informative and instructional video entitled Nourish to Flourish.

Check out the video here :

PCP's Motiv-Action kids greatly enjoyed the video and we're awfully proud that our program is not solely focused on homework and tutoring, but on students' overall physical and mental well-being too.

Thank you very much to Adriana, Alexandra and the rest of the nursing team from the McGill University School of Nursing, as well as kudos to Sarah Beydoun, our Director of Programs, and to Jowairiyah and the rest of the Motiv-Action team for their hard work and dedication this semester.

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